Christoph Meier – Migratory schedule of different Alpine Swifts
Dick Newell
What do we know about Swift Nest Boxes?
Mark Smyth
A walk on the Wildside – A look at Swift nesting sites in the natural landscape
Brian Cahalane
Swifts in Ireland
Ninon Ballerstadt
Swifts' sleeping behavior
Edward Mayer
A new Swift Column for the modern built environment
Peter Cush
An overview of Apus apus & Apus apus pekinensis

Mark Coreth
The Tree of Hope – A Swift Project
Alexandru Stahl
Mauerseglerklinik Frankfurt: Mastering Swift rehabilitation
Marco Cucco
Citizen-Science: Swift Conservation in Italy
Ikram Quttaineh
– website: Environmental awareness from the virtual world to the real world
Yusuph Emanuel
Roots & Shoots Tanzania
Katja Schmieder
– "The coolest bird": cultural differences between European and American Swifts: available only in video on
Itai Bloch & Nir Sapir
Insights from ATLAS tracking of foraging Little swifts in the Hula Valley, Israel

Yossi Leshem
& Amnonn HahnA Swift Way to Peace
Lynda Huxley
(presented on behalf of Chris Huxley) – Some aspects of the breeding biology of the swifts of County Mayo, Ireland
Gen. (Ret.) Mansour Abu Rashid
– From an army general to a peacemaker
Melpo Apostolidou
Helping Swifts in Cyprus
Lukas Viktora
Does it really work? A study in the Czech Republic
Diane Yorgason
-Quinn (presented on behalf of Larry Schwitters) – Audubon's “Vaux's Happening” Project
Parcharidou Effrosyni
Swift friendly buildings in Thessaloniki, Greece
Stefano Pesaro
A multi-facetted approach to Swift conservation in Italy
Lothar Schiffler
Airlines: Bird Tracks in the air

Gert de Jong
How to conduct a census of Swifts in a city like Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Mauro Ferri
Artificial Swift nests from Medieval period up to modern times
Kevin Prince
X-ray fluorescence study of Swifts' feathers
Thomas Starkmann
Common Swift nesting sites conservation in Vienna
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